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T-Rex T-Party Update Coming Soon!

Hey folks!
We’re so happy with the feedback we’ve been getting on T-Rex T-Party. There are two bugs we know about:

  1. Looks weird on the new iPad and
  2. Crashes frequently at the end of the levels
We just submitted an update to Apple that should take care of these issues. It’s not live yet, but I’ll post here when it’s ready.
We’re busy plotting the next few fun updates to the game… stay tuned!

T-Rex T-Party Trailer

Featuring Baneling, the Chihuahuasaurus-Rex. :)

T-Rex T-Party is live in the App Store!

T-Rex T-Party

Now available in the app store!!

T-Rex T-Party is now available in the Apple App store. Check it out!

T-Rex T-Party Story

So why T-Rex T-Party? What does it all mean? What does any of it mean? Check out the story below for answers.*


* Contains some answers specifically related to the upcoming game, T-Rex T-Party. Does not answer the meaning of life. Or does it? Aren’t we all just hoping for some acceptance?

Oh Muh Gaw!

Boom! Boom! Boom!
(Crunch! Chomp! Not the face!)

T-Rex T-Party

It’s coming…